How Meditating will Improve Your Life!

For thousands of years, meditation has been used in cultures across the world, helping people to find inner peace and move beyond the mind’s stress-inducing thoughts and emotions.

Thousands of studies have shown that meditation can help almost every aspect of your life such as this one (showing the benefit of mindfulness-based therapy on patients with a range of conditions including cancer, depression and anxiety disorder).

Rather than having to sift through studies and piles of research. Here are the main benefits of meditation and how it will be the best thing you ever started!

1. Reduce Stress

Meditation diminishes the effect of the “fight or flight” response, thus decreasing the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. 

In fact, meditation will not only reduce stress but work against it by helping you to get a better nights sleep. It increases your levels of melatonin and can even help people with sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

2. Beat Anxiety and Become Happier

Constantly fretting over our worries in life can lead to a build up of negative thoughts and emotions within our bodies. Meditating helps you to be fully present and helps you to stay grounded when you do encounter stressful situations.

The more awareness you have of your body in the present moment, the less likely you are to lose your temper or dwell on negative feelings such as regret and anxiety. Regular meditation is proven to improve the symptoms of depression as you have a higher sense of control over how your brain processes and responds to negative emotions.

3. Improve your work capacity

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School showed improvement in brain functionality caused by meditation. This means you can work at the important things in your life with more efficiency and focus.

This study further shows that meditation prevents burnouts and improves the level of care delivered by medical students.

Due to the sense of alertness you feel after meditating, it can help reduce your reliance on stimulants such as coffee. You will feel just as alert while avoiding the tensions, headaches and sleepless nights associated with too many stimulants.

4. Have Better Relationships

Not only will meditating make you present and enjoy your relationships more, you will be able to approach any problems with a calmer mind-set and a higher level of compassion.

Stress can lead to snap judgements and overly critical responses towards others. Drive these negative emotions out with regular emotions and you’ll find that more people are drawn to you than ever before.

5. See the Bigger Picture

When was the last time you took a step back from your life and thought about what was really important to you?

We can become so enthralled in the daily distractions of our life that we often lose sight of the bigger picture. Meditation allows you to detach yourself from the unhealthy quest for productivity so you can see further than your morning check list or what you have planned for dinner.

The clarity that meditation brings is a luxury available to all of you. By taking a step back we can see what is truly important to us.

Many of you may be on the verge of starting meditation but have some nagging concerns or worries. Read this article on the main problems people encounter when starting to meditate and how to get past them!

If you are wanting to start meditating but not quite sure how, here is a helpful article to talk you through the basics of meditation. Or if you’ve already started, here are some of the problems you may encounter and how to get past them!




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