The 3 Main Problems stopping you from Meditating and How to Get Past Them!

Amongst the chaos of our busy lives, taking just 10 minutes at any point of the day to just focus on yourself and meditate will help you feel better, reduce stress and enjoy your life a little more. 

However, there are often obstacles stopping us from meditating. I know this as I myself struggled with these issues when first embarking on my path of self-growth. Here are some of those reasons that stop many people from meditating, and why they’re not as important as you may think:

1. I can’t stop thoughts from entering my mind when I meditate

The key here is to stop resisting your thoughts and trying to force them away.

Instead, approach meditation from the idea that you are surrendering to your mind. Allow any thoughts that come up to simply be there, and observe your mind and the thoughts that arise. Refrain from judging these thoughts and simply allow them to exist and before you know it, you will be at peace again.

Meditation is not about changing or controlling your thoughts, it is about learning to live in relation to them. When we stop resisting what happens naturally in our minds, we can begin to experience calmness and peace.

2. I can’t sit still and feel restless

When we sit down and meditate, it can take some time for our bodies to unwind and settle down. If you begin to feel restless and want to start moving, focus your attention directly on where and what the sensation feels like.

As you allow yourself to feel through these sensations rather than resisting them, they will slowly fade away.

3. I feel uncomfortable with my thoughts and emotions

When meditating, the mind is no longer taken up by external focuses and distractions and this may make you uncomfortable with what is unearthed.

The key to achieving a deep state of relaxation is to be fully present with “what is”. Instead of judging these thoughts and emotions, allow them to exist peacefully without judgement until they fade away.

However, you may sometimes find that certain emotions can be overpowering and cause you to feel this in relation to a physical sensation in your body (similar to feeling butterflies in your stomach when anxious). Again, observe the emotion and it’s associated sensation without judgement until it begins to diminish.

By working through these problems, you can begin to enjoy the elusive inner peace of being fully present and escaping the outside world and all of its’ problems. Of course, if you’ve tried meditating before you’ll know that it’s not easy to calm your mind, but like anything, practise regularly and you will reap the benefits.

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