How to use Stress to your Advantage

Stress is widely thought of as a negative response from our mind and body. Whether it’s due to relationships, work or other factors, we tend to think of stress as harmful and do whatever we can to fight and get rid of it. But what if we changed the way we thought about stress? After all stress is a sign that we care about something and is designed to help us rather than hinder us.

1. Have a positive attitude towards stress

study done by Daniela Kaufer shows that the most important factor towards using stress to your advantage is to actually view it as a positive thing. Your attitude can determine whether you have a good or bad response to stress, and whether it can ultimately help or hinder you.

Viewing stress as a helpful tool and motivator will aid you in using it to your advantage and stopping it from negatively affecting your health. Changing the way you think about stress will take some time, especially if you’ve been viewing it as a roadblock for your whole life.

However, it’s also important not to overthink the ways in which you can make stress work for you. Simply accept that it’s there rather than resisting or retreating from it.

2. Realise the benefits of stress

Contrary to popular belief, stress has an abundance of positive effects. Understanding and keeping this in the back of your mind in stressful situations will stop you regarding it as a negative thing.

  • A little stress can be a strong motivator to push you out of your comfort zone and reach your goals. Without stress you would not have the same desire to improve yourself.
  • When you go through times of stress, you build up your long term resilience to stressful situations so that you can handle them more effectively in the future.
  • study done in 2013 proved that acute stress can act as a stimulus to improve your ability to learn new tasks, have better memory and have enhanced focus.

3. Make sure you know the reason for your stress

More often than not, we know the reason why we are stressed but there may be times where we can’t exactly pinpoint the cause. Understanding the reason for your stress will allow you to work side by side with stress rather than fighting against the unknown.

By doing this you will feel far more in control and gives you the right frame of mind to be able to work through your challenges with stress at your side.

Although stress is a part of everyday life, having the right approach to it will protect your health and allow you to use it to your advantage. So the next time you experience a stressful moment, see it as a sign that your body is trying to help you overcome the challenge you are facing, accept it as part of the experience and you will become far more effective at reaching your objective.

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