Become Less Irritable: Allow Negativity To Pass Through Without Affecting You

Being irritable can be one of the most negative things for us and the people around us. The ease with which small things can ruin our moods radiates a cloud of negative energy. A distant car alarm or a traffic jam can sometimes be enough to send us into a downward spiral of angry, negative thoughts. Here are some things you can consider which may help you to relinquish the negative energy which arises within you.

One of the first things you need to do when irritation builds up within you is to actually notice it. Often times we let our thoughts and emotions control us without a second thought but when you take the role of being the observer and just notice what’s going on in your body and mind you can begin to take back control. The very fact that you are observing the negative energy rather than identifying with it, is often enough to diminish its’ effect on you.

Once you realise that this irritation is building up within you, you can also begin to appreciate the fact that it serves no purpose. Think about it, what is the purpose of getting annoyed at a barking dog across the street? The mind unconsciously believes that this negative resistance will in some form help to dissolve the undesirable condition but obviously this is not the case.

Fundamentally, it’s the actual feelings of irritation and anger within you that are causing more grief than the initial cause of annoyance. Instead of reacting to the irritation, think of yourself as being transparent to it, allowing it to flow through you without any resistance. Avoid being a solid wall of resistance to things which you think “should not be happening” or victimising yourself, “why does this happen to me?”.

As you begin to adopt this mind-set more and more through practise, you will find that you become invincible to the negative energy that we face on a daily basis. As an example, imagine someone says a deliberately provocative or rude comment towards you. Without the subconscious reaction of immediately becoming angry and defensive, you’ll be able to act according to your own source of power and control rather than allowing the reaction itself to control you.

My last piece of advice would be to go easy on yourself. Don’t give in to the urge of always wanting to be at peace and creating an internal conflict with what you feel and what you want to feel. Allow whatever emotions you feel to simply exist and observe them. The moment you begin to just accept and be at ease with the present moment, any negative energy built up inside you will become transmuted into peace.

Like any other practise, this will take time to perfect. Starting with even small things like the discontent you feel in a traffic jam will in time make you into a person who has full control over their mind and emotions.

If this article has helped you or given you some new perspectives, please comment and share the post! It may help someone else too.

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