5 Minute Daily Stretching Routine For Maximum Benefit

Being flexible is important to both your fitness and your overall well-being. By introducing a daily stretching routine into your day, you will be able to perform everyday tasks with much more ease. Read here for more detail on the benefits of stretching.

Here are 5 stretches that you can use to increase flexibility all over your body. Hold each one for a minute. Be sure that you can feel the stretch and breathe deeply but avoid pushing too hard as it can cause injury.

1. Low Lunge

Image result for low lunge stretch

This stretch will work on your hips and quadriceps. Tight hip flexors can often be the cause of lower back pain so this may be one of the most important stretches you can do for your body.

2. Downward Dog

Related image

The downward dog focuses on your calves and hamstrings while also opening up your shoulders. Do your best to prevent your back from being too rounded.

3. Lying Piriformis Stretch

Related image

To improve flexibility in your hips and glutes, hold this stretch on both sides for 30 seconds. To create adequate pressure, either pull on your leg as shown in the picture, or rest your forward leg on a wall as you push on your knee.

4. Lying Spinal Twist

Image result for lying spinal twist overhead

This is a great release exercise for your spine which will increase your mobility and realign your spine. Hold on each side for 30 seconds. However, if you have any serious back issues which make this stretch painful, avoid it.

5. Chest Stretch

Image result for chest door stretch

Upper body tightness is associated with posture and breathing problems. Doing this stretch to open up your chest and shoulders will help you maintain good posture and promote better breathing.

Spending 5 minutes going through these stretches at any point during the day will be hugely beneficial to your body in keeping your ranges of motion. Do not force the stretches too hard and with consistency, you will see improvements in how your body feels within the first few days of stretching. Hope this helps!

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