The Ultramind Solution by Mark Hyman: A Guide to Solving Health Problems Through Proper Nutrition

“The health of the mind is an extension of the health of the body”

The Ultramind solution is an invaluable resource for people struggling with depression, anxiety and other health problems. Dr Hyman’s approach to a healthier, happier life is centred around nutritional therapy.

Rather than going to the chemist and filling your body with often ineffective and dangerous psychiatric drugs, you can relieve yourself of the symptoms caused by a broken brain through sorting out what’s on your plate. Dr Hyman argues that the modern pharmaceutical industry has a fraudulent approach to mental health that keeps the masses in a subdued, downward spiral of poor brain function (while making a lot of money)

The focus of this book is on mending your body through proper nutrition so that your brain has the resources it needs to naturally rehabilitate itself and support better brain function and moods.

The removal of depression, anxiety, poor memory and cognitive function are all achieved through simple and natural changes in diet instead of stuffing ourselves full of artificial chemicals. Here are a few brief points from the book which will help in your healing journey:

1. Eat The Right Foods

Dr Hyman emphasises in his book that what you supply your body with is the most important thing determining your health. The book goes into incredible detail into this, pointing out what your body needs and how to get it.

For the purposes of keeping this blog shorter than a few hundred pages, I’ll summarise the main points which I learnt from the book:

  • Avoid processed foods: Not only is what you eat important but also consider what your food has eaten… For example, if a fish has been fed artificial chemicals and processed junk its’ whole life, it will not be as good for you as a fish that has roamed around and ate a healthy, natural diet. The toxins simply get passed from the fish to you. Essentially, look for whole, organic and real foods.
  • Stop poisoning yourself: Removing excess sugar, coffee and alcohol from your diet will lead to an abundance of positive health effects.
  • Get your brain foods in: Fibrous foods like beans, nuts and seeds keep toxins away and improve the health of your gut. 60% of your brain is made from the omega 3 fat DHA which you can get from salmon, walnuts and flax seeds.

Even just following these few points will lead to a drastically big improvement in your brain’s health and you will be well on your way to a better body and mind.

2. Supplement Your Diet

Roughly 9 out of 10 Americans are lacking in one or more of the essential nutrients and minerals. Taking supplements can be an excellent way of making up for this deficit.

Dr Hyman argues that taking supplements is absolutely essential for optimal brain health. Here are the ones recommended that everyone take:

  • A basic multivitamin and mineral
  • Calcium and Magnesium
  • Vitamin D
  • Omega-3 fats
  • Probiotics

3. The Ultramind Lifestyle

This is a way of living that will best contribute to your health. Dr Hyman labels 4 things as being key to the Ultramind Lifestyle:

  • Exercise – The book argues that exercise is better than any anti-depressant. Exercise will also help reduce stress and balance out your body’s hormones. This does not mean spend 2 hours in the gym everyday. A brisk walk or even something like yoga is fine. Just move your body!
  • Relax – This will help your body and brain to settle down and rebuild. Meditation can be a perfect way to do this while also improving your sense of presence. If you’d like to know more about meditating here is a guide to getting started
  • Sleep – The key is not just to get a certain amount of sleep but also a high quality of sleep. Avoid looking at bright screens before bed and avoid stimulants. Being sleep deprived causes many health problems which you can learn about here
  • Use Your Brain – Just like your muscles, you should be using your brain and training it on a regular basis. Reading, playing instruments and going mentally stimulating tasks can be both fun and helpful to your health.

The combination of these will ensure that you live a lifestyle suited to keeping your body and mind working the best it can!

Reading the book and implementing some of the points within it truly made me see why this is a book that needs to be widely read and appreciated. The importance of nutrition in healthcare is somewhat undermined by the looming influence of huge pharmaceutical companies who make profits from the drugs they sell.

The Ultramind solution gives you a practical guide to escaping from disorders which may have been affecting you for years and years, through simply changing what’s on your plate. Be able to fully experience and enjoy life with a brain that is free from the shackles of dependence on harmful stimulants. Free yourself from the fog that overshadows your life due to the harmful foods your body is receiving and begin to solve your health problems in a natural way!

If you have any thoughts about this, leave a comment. I’d love to discuss it with you.



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