5 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Mood And Energy!

We all experience days where we are feeling down regardless of how far into the self-development journey we are. Although the best way to combat this is indeed long-term changes in your mindset and actions, sometimes we just need a short-term fix to help us feel better.

Often times, we use external media to distract and numb ourselves from our negative feelings. We stick on the TV, play video games or scroll through social media until our minds are distracted and no longer present. Instead of this, here are 5 ways that will help you to improve your mood, not numb yourself to it:

1. Enjoy a Nice Shower

Instead of jumping in the shower for 5 minutes in the morning to scrub yourself before work, you can actually use it as a way to relax after work and improve your mood.

Try not to let your mind wander as you do this and instead focus on being present. Feel the water on your skin, the temperature and the sounds. Use your favourite products and leave the shower feeling rejuvenated and in a more positive frame of mind.

2. Breathe Deeply for a Few Minutes

Find somewhere comfortable to take a seat, just for a minute or two. Take a deep breath through your nose for 6 seconds, hold it for 6 seconds and then exhale gently through your mouth for 6 seconds.

As you repeat this 5 times, take care to notice the effect it has on your body. The release of built-up tension and stress is a common occurrence if you use this exercise when you’re in a negative mood.

3. Dance!

Find your favourite playlist, blast them through your earphones and dance your worries away in the comfort of your own room. Your body will flood with endorphins and you will realise, perhaps life isn’t so bad as it seems?

Whether you’re a professional performer or the least rhythmic person you know, a few minutes of simply moving your body to some music will inevitably have a positive effect on your mood.

4. Interact with other people

It can be very easy to isolate yourself when you’ve had a bad day and just shut yourself in your room feeling miserable. But making the effort to just sit with your family or talk to a friend can be invaluable in lifting your spirits.

We are an inherently social species and spending quality time with people you enjoy being around will work wonders for improving your mood.

5. Tidy up

Taking 10 minutes of your time to clear up your bedroom and de-clutter the environment around you can be mentally symbolic that you are in fact in control of your life and your mood.

I hope these 5 tips have give you some ideas of what you can do next time you’re feeling a bit down! Good luck!


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