Why You Should Be Meditating During Coronavirus Lockdown

I get it. You might be spending half your time already sat at home not doing much. Meditating is just more of the same right?

Here’s the difference.

It can surprisingly difficult to motivate ourselves to do things we know we should be doing. Especially considering so many of us have all the time in the world at the moment. The ease with which we can procrastinate hours and days away has become more and more prominent with the free time we now have on our hands. Even though we are at home for more time than ever, there’s rarely a time when we allow our brains to actually pause and settle.

Think about it. When we wake up our first instinct is to often grab our phones. Instantly distracting our brain with social media or messages to reply to. There’s always a TV on in the background, a radio, video games or even a book for us to keep ourselves occupied. How often are you really left with just your thoughts and the present moment?

Here’s where meditating comes into play. Understandably these are stressful times and avoiding this stress may be part of the reason why we always have something to distract us (including boredom of course…). How long will this lockdown last? Should you make another grocery shop? Since when did your loved ones have all these annoying habits?

Taking 10 minutes of our day to just set everything aside and do something as simple as bringing your attention to your breathing can do wonders. Meditation is a way of giving yourself a break from all that stimulus and the mental clarity to tackle things that you might be putting off, or to simply see things in a clearer light. It’s not just another way to distract yourself. It’s a way to bring yourself into the here and now, this exact moment where you can think from a place of clarity and not a place of tired haziness. These are unprecedented circumstances we are living in and the need to take care of ourselves and our mental health has never been stronger.

To get a little more information about meditating during quarantine, here are some of the key benefits and here’s a beginner’s guide to getting started


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